My second hobby

When I was in high school then I chose nature class (where we got more Biology, Geography, Chemistry). Also, we went once a year on a nature trip, where we trip to somewhere in Estonia and stayed there for 3 days. These trips made me love Estonia nature and I got a new hobby – […]

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How to track your investment in Excel?

If you want to be a good investor then you have to have a good strategy and overview of your investments. I can’t say that, I’m a good investor, because I have made some bad decisions and I’m doing them in the future as well. To avoid these mistakes, I set a goal to make […]

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man people woman hand

I haven’t done very well with my investment. My third share deal was Baltika, with which I managed to lose 64%. The damage was about 135 euros. This turned my entire portfolio red, and I only reached the plus side by the end of 2020. The story began when a movie called “Chasing Unicorns” appeared […]

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How to propagate pineapple

I have long wanted to add one exotic plant to my plant collection. They haven’t been sold in the store, so you should grow them by yourself. Since it’s a lucky game – whether it takes root or not, it took me at least a year. Not that I tried every day, I just didn’t […]

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How i started investing?

photo of person holding ceramic mug

In one sentence: I read the news and a week or even two weeks later I invested in Vestige Verdant. In fact, there was a bit of preliminary work before that, I read through the “Getting Rich Textbook”, researched this topic, but did not understand anything, and 7 months later I jumped into the world […]

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