Why you should start investing today?

analog clock sketch in black surface

When people think of investing, they first say it is risky. If it’s too risky, why are people all over the world doing it? Yes – it’s risky, but if you know how to make it less risky, you can make a lot of money and at best you can quit your 9-5 jobs. I […]

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Beginner tips: How to start with Investing?


When I started 2 years ago – then my only question is how. Today I see a new investor at Reddit commenting: to the moon etc. But why this stock has to go up – WHY? Does this company revenue make a historical record – no! – then why? Because you all buy this and […]

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My second hobby

When I was in high school then I chose nature class (where we got more Biology, Geography, Chemistry). Also, we went once a year on a nature trip, where we trip to somewhere in Estonia and stayed there for 3 days. These trips made me love Estonia nature and I got a new hobby – […]

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