My startup investments

rocket launch liftoff long exposure

Starting with investing, I know this will be my full-time job in the future. The only thing holding me back was money. I was born into a family where my family lives from salary to salary. So I started my investment trip with only 200 euros and put that money into a start-up company called […]

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How to build a stock portfolio tracker into Excel?

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Excel is one of the best places to keep track of your investment portfolio. Yes, there are some cool applications or platforms where you can see even more information than Excel. However, if you are granted some loans or have real estate, you cannot add them to it. This forces you to keep track of […]

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Investing tips: How to beat 90% of investors?

graph with increasing euro profitable investment

History has shown that 80-95% of investors usually lose money. Thus I want to teach you how to avoid losing money. In my first year, I was down over € 100 what was over 20% of my portfolio. At the end of 2020, I started to look for investments and I found something really good. […]

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Investor TIP: How to turn $ 200 to $ 1,000,000.00?


If you start with investing and you read about this topic, then you should have read about Warren Buffett or at least heard about him. He is one of the richest man on earth and all his wealth is made with investing. Today I share you how you can to it as well. First of […]

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Why you should start investing today?

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When people think of investing, they first say it is risky. If it’s too risky, why are people all over the world doing it? Yes – it’s risky, but if you know how to make it less risky, you can make a lot of money and at best you can quit your 9-5 jobs. I […]

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Beginner tips: How to start with Investing?


When I started 2 years ago – then my only question is how. Today I see a new investor at Reddit commenting: to the moon etc. But why this stock has to go up – WHY? Does this company revenue make a historical record – no! – then why? Because you all buy this and […]

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How to track your investment in Excel?

If you want to be a good investor then you have to have a good strategy and overview of your investments. I can’t say that, I’m a good investor, because I have made some bad decisions and I’m doing them in the future as well. To avoid these mistakes, I set a goal to make […]

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I haven’t done very well with my investment. My third share deal was Baltika, with which I managed to lose 64%. The damage was about 135 euros. This turned my entire portfolio red, and I only reached the plus side by the end of 2020. The story began when a movie called “Chasing Unicorns” appeared […]

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How i started investing?

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In one sentence: I read the news and a week or even two weeks later I invested in Vestige Verdant. In fact, there was a bit of preliminary work before that, I read through the “Getting Rich Textbook”, researched this topic, but did not understand anything, and 7 months later I jumped into the world […]

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