Who am I?

My name is Hendrik. I am studying Applied Economics at Tallinn University of Technology. I chose this profession because I discovered my future job in 2019, which must definitely be related to investing because that is my passion. I deal with it from midnight on Monday until midnight on Sunday. Thanks to this excellent work, I have been able to find a stock that has helped my portfolio recover by over 160% in 2021.

My other hobbies are sneakers collecting, which is rather in the My other hobbies are sneakers collecting, which is rather in the background right now, but that passion still exists in me. And one of my cheapest hobbies is staying in nature. I got this hobby from school because I chose a nature class in high school and they had a tradition of going on a nature trip every fall. All three times I saw aspects of Estonia that I would not have imagined in my life.

What is my goal in life?

Since I discovered the charms of investing quite early, I would like to continue with that. So one of my life goals is to find a job or create it for myself, which is largely related to investing. I have worked in three places at the moment and it immediately became clear to me that I did not want to live the way almost all people live. That’s when I can’t find it 100% correctly.

What are my views on the future?

I currently live in a rental apartment, I would like to get rid of this, so number one is buying/building my own house. When? I personally hope that this will happen before my 30th birthday – where it is now 10 years and a few months. So time is the same and neither. The second of my future views is that if I don’t want to, I don’t have to work until retirement.