How i started investing?

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In one sentence: I read the news and a week or even two weeks later I invested in Vestige Verdant. In fact, there was a bit of preliminary work before that, I read through the “Getting Rich Textbook”, researched this topic, but did not understand anything, and 7 months later I jumped into the world of investment and here I am now.

But what led me into investing

First I heard about investing from my classmate in year 5-7, but I was so young and I was not interested in making money easily. (Now many years later I regret this decision because “time is the investor’s best friend”) At the end of the school year, one Estonian’s investor came to talk to us about money-saving and investing. This was the first time when I truly get into this world. He gave me investing book “Rikkaks saamise õpik”, this is very popular in Estonia. Usually, I was reading a book many months, but this one was so interesting that I was read it through within two weeks.

Yeah I read this book in May, but the first investment was in December. This was because I was 16 years old then, and I needed to be 18-years old. But my girlfriend was 17 and in November is her birthday, and this opens me a chance to start investing one year earlier. My first investment idea came from the news, where they write about this like this is the best investment in the world (this was not the best one).

What they promised to us?

First of all 1400% yield within 5 years and then dividends. Alright this was earlier stage company where 1400% yield is possible, but this is very optimistic scenarium.

Vestige Verdant products are eco face care products, where logically demand is high, but not for theirs products.

They promised to pay dividend in 2023, thus I can not comment about this topic, but I do not see that money in their balance sheet where they are able to pay them, but hope dies last.

Hindsight wisdom

Now that I have been investing for 2 years, I can say for sure that I would not invest there at the moment. There are many reason:

  1. I do not know about this sector
  2. 1400% is insane
  3. there are many eco-products
  4. I do not invest trough crowdfunding anymore

One reason, why I invested in this company was because I got a discount code, but my girlfriend does not use their products then this code is useless.

In the bottom line

This investment is done and only two years are went by, thus I hope everything will get better and all investors get generously paid. I personally hoped 1000% yield, but I am happy if I get my money back.

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