Investing tips: How to beat 90% of investors?

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  • Investing tips: How to beat 90% of investors?
    History has shown that 80-95% of investors usually lose money. Thus I want to teach you how to avoid losing money. In my first year, I was down over € 100 what was over 20% of my portfolio. At the […]

History has shown that 80-95% of investors usually lose money. Thus I want to teach you how to avoid losing money. In my first year, I was down over € 100 what was over 20% of my portfolio. At the end of 2020, I started to look for investments and I found something really good.

How I beat these 80-95% investors?

I found that if I want to get more money then I have to risk a lot. Thus I made one of my riskiest investments into Change Invest – this investment has yielded me more than 500% unrealized profit. This investment is made in the startup sector where some companies can make a lot more than that, but they can fail and you lose your money.

I’m ready to take this risk and thanks to the fact that my whole portfolio is finally over 4000 €. Next goal is 5000 €

But this investment was not the only one. ICONFIT was my next successful investment. This one made over 40% in just one day. If we talk about money then this one made me over 150 unrealized profits in one single day.

Why did I chose these investments, not the other ones? I invested in Change Invest because I know that in Europe we don’t have an app where you can invest safely and I don’t have to think about “this platform/app is a scam”. They do the real thing and they are growing really fast. Their revenue for this year is a lot bigger than their total revenue in 2020.

ICONFIT’s investment was made because their products are healthier than most others in their sector. They produce sports nutrients. When I have to choose which protein to buy, I choose them because they have a modest design, they offer me the best quality and a cheap price.

My method is very risky and if you want to be in startup world then remember you can lose money easier than in stock market.

How to do it with less risky?

When you want to be in that 5-20% of these investors who make money. Then all you have to do is just read all these books first. On this bookshelf, you find different kind of books: how things work – first one, how investors psychology works – second and seventh one, how one man was able to make over 20% every year – the third one. What is technical analysis and how to use it – last two.

These books helped me on my journey and these will help you too. Take your time and be patient never quit and invest regularly.

Where to invest today?

This issue is difficult because indices are reaching new highs and there is talk everywhere of a new recession. However, I do not think that the economy will start to decline any more, but we are talking about a correction that may come in the near future.

The best strategy in investing is “buy and hold”. Thus using this strategy and buying regularly then you should win these 80-95% of investors.

Every time when I check Apple stock then I think about why this is so overbought, last time I checked this one its price was $115-$120 and today it is over $130. Thus don’t think about how much this stock price today, think about what the price will be in the future. And if you have $1000 then buy 50/50 or 33/33/34. This method helps you to average your investment buy price and usually, you can bring your buy price average below because investors invest with their emotion and usually we buy at the peak.

In the bottom line

Investing is easy – being profitable is hard but not that hard. Learn how to start with investing here – and start today. Order these books today and don’t waste your time. Financial freedom is achievable with 5 years then start today and see you in 5 years.