My second hobby

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When I was in high school then I chose nature class (where we got more Biology, Geography, Chemistry). Also, we went once a year on a nature trip, where we trip to somewhere in Estonia and stayed there for 3 days. These trips made me love Estonia nature and I got a new hobby – hiking.

My first hiking – alone

I have long wanted to go hiking, but I have not to find time for that and if I found then the weather is bad. But one day I decided that I just have to go.

At 04.02.2021 I made a plan that at 05.02.2021 I wake up at 6 AM and at 6:30 AM I’m already driving to Kakerdaja bog to see the sunrise.

That was my expectation. What happened in reality. At 04.54 AM I waked up and I didn’t fall asleep after that. What is weird about me is that when I am going to do something then I always see a nightmare about it. That’s why I woked up so early. I postponed the alarm for an hour because I was scared of going into the woods at dark. But when my girlfriend woked up I eat and called her to come with me, she didn’t want to – so I went outside at 8 AM – alone.

At 8 AM I cleaned my car from snow, lately, there has been a lot of snow falling. When the car was clean then I turned the navigation on and nothing else than to start driving. Nothing came out of the road selected last night because Maps offered another “faster” route. In fact, it was much longer and more unpleasant, because the journey passed many intersections and the ride was on a narrow street, where cars often had to slow down due to other cars. Fortunately, I chose the return route more carefully and got a much more comfortable route. The ride lasted 1 h and 25 min – it would have been a little faster, but that morning there was snowfall at times and the part of the road on my side that was covered with a layer of snow, so I drove lower than the maximum allowed speed.


I thought people still go there and the road between the woods to the parking lot is more or less clean. Fortunately, I had been there and the trail was there, but the hiking trail (boardwalk) was not so clean.

Since I have been to the bog before, I know that it is more sensible to walk on the boardwalk than on the ground. As the boardwalk was quite snowy, the risk of slipping was rather high. In fact, you could even see someone repeatedly slipping off the road. And in some places, it was seen that he had slipped his foot into the water. I also slipped on this boardwalk repeatedly, but luckily not into the water or fall over.

I thought that I’m going to be there for at least a few hours – I take pictures of nature, I enjoy the silence, or I just enjoy winter.

And if I was walked there for about 15 minutes I saw places like, where the boardwalk is like a bridge over water. And these places scared me a lot because the boardwalk was snowy, and I was scared to slip and because I was alone there then this is not good. But these places were at the beginning then I didn’t want to give up and I went on. I made many stops and I just enjoyed the view. I hoped to see some wild animal but I didn’t saw any.

Moving on, I came to a place where I no longer cant move on. Unfortunately, my path was interrupted and I walked about 600-700m in total. Specifically, people who had visited before had turned around for the same reason as me, because the way forward was buried in the snow. Yes, the road was visible, but it would not have been more enjoyable, because I have to watch my steps.

Because of my third biggest hobby – sneakers.

Air Jordan 1 Smoke Grey

Talking about my next move – going home. I was a little disappointed about it, but maybe it’s better when nature defends itself from humans. Because we all know that humans can destroy nature.

Going home

A little video of the road.


In the bottom line

Since I didn’t get very far with my hike, I want to do the Kakerdaja bog hike again, and it will be quite soon.

There’s a whole world out there, right outside your window. You’d be a fool to miss it.